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Born to Stand Out!

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-Meet the CEO-


"Mommy, why do we have to shop in the boy section for the cool shirts"?
It was this very question asked by Jayla at the age of 8 which started the creation of Glitter Gamers. She noticed the lack of cool graphic tees and gamer items for girls just like her; smart, funny, loves video games and anime, but not quite the average girly-girl! When Jayla is not gaming, she loves to watch Anime and taking care of animals. She is an inspiring video producer & veterinarian, and loves all things Kawaii and Aesthetic.

Our Story

Glitter Gamers was started for girls who are born to stand out. Girls who like glitter and gaming, or the aspiring scientist who loves all things kawaii. We believe in positive vibes and going for your dreams. Each product was designed with love and a touch of awesome to make your best girl feel special!

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Our Mission

We create products to help our future leaders feel empowered and special. There is nothing wrong with being "different". In our mind, "Different" girls grow to powerful Queens who change the world!

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